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Real Estate is not a rocket science but lack of information has led people to believe otherwise. Digital Technology integration is still a big challenge for many real estate professionals. Apart from design, engineering and construction, selling is considered to be the most challenging part of the project cycle by many developers. Digital Marketing is another avenue yet to be mastered by many real estate professionals.

DigiProp is committed to provide integrated sales and marketing services with the concept of “smart brochure”, a must have tool for developers, builders and all channel partners to reap the benefit of new edge technology. The platform is designed and developed by a team of real estate professionals, innovators and technocrats who understand the ecosystem from within.


Our mission is to bring technology driven services to the arena of real estate and Integrate all channel partners, real estate developers and sales team to revolutionize real estate property sales.

Build the next generation platform for real estate industry that incorporates advance tools and seamless service to enhance efficiency and quick results.


DigiProp is a team of Engineers, Architects, Planners and Real Estate Developers Who are driven by the desire to bring innovation in the real estate industry. We happy to connect with people and organizations who believe and have faith in our mission and our vision.

Come and Join us on our journey of bringing excellence in the real estate industry!

From Brochure Sharing to the Booking–All in one platform!